We went to one of the new venues, Flekk opened in Yeni Çarşı Street recently on the evening of 9th November for dinner. We chatted with the manager of the venue, Mehmet Akkaya thanks to advantage of the being calm about the venue and its menu. The venue has been opened about 5 months ago. The meaning of the name of the venue is stain in Norwegian. There was not a very rich menu but they were trying to serve limited kinds with the best style to customers. The venue has a narrow corridor shaped. It is an advantage located in the corner of the street. They were trying to distinguish with genuine cocktail kinds rather than classic cocktails. Mehmet Bey is aimed to attract customer in respect of quality. He tries to create a loyal, regular customer profile rather than a lot of customers.
I tried a cocktail called St. Patrick (30 ₺) before dinner. It consisted of gin, elderflower liqueur, pear soda and lime. It had a permanent and deep taste on the palate. It was different from cocktails which aromas disappear shortly with the ice. Cocktails made by using infused gin will also be added to the menu in short term. We wanted cold meat and cheese plate for cold starters. It was an ideal plate in respect of portion and kind for two people. If you want, they can add pork products to the plate. We also wanted carrot slices with garlic sauce and wrapped zucchini with cheese filling. The grated Moldavian style carrot was a very different taste. Carrots were marinated with a alcoholic vinegar. It is hard to talk about it. You must try it Fried zucchini slices were serving wrapping to cheese and tomato sauce topping. It became a successful meze. We tried sautéed mushrooms comprised of three kinds of mushroom mixture with cheese sauce as hot starter, It had a perfect taste. Mushrooms were cooked to a turn and very matching with their sauce. I wondered Coxinha, a street food in Brasil, as an alternative. We drank a glass of wine per person. We did not remain empty space in our stomachs because of starters. We decided to share one portion parfait with oreo as dessert. It was a light, balanced and aromatized with lemon and blackberry dessert. It is an ideal choice according to me. The check was 190 TL including alcohol. It was a normal price when you think about the quality of the meal. The venue is ideal for long conversations in a calm and dim atmosphere. They are arranging concept nights on every Friday. It deserve to be followed. We hope they will permanent. #KanGurularhttps://kangurular.com/?id=236