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Ekim 5, 2021
We love it so much that we came back the following night.

This place exceeded my expectations and would be listed as my top bar in Istanbul. Each cocktail is not your typical cocktail drink but a variation of it. For me I love Old fashions,  so they made me the Godfassen. It was a well balanced drinks both strong and the right about of sweetness. My […]

Ekim 5, 2021

We went to one of the new venues, Flekk opened in Yeni Çarşı Street recently on the evening of 9th November for dinner. We chatted with the manager of the venue, Mehmet Akkaya thanks to advantage of the being calm about the venue and its menu. The venue has been opened about 5 months ago. […]

Ekim 5, 2021 (sticky)
Flekk is at

It is like a tapas bar with its menu and design; but its menu is not limited to Spanish cuisine. Snack options inspired by different countries, especially Turkish cuisine, are in the lead role. Although main dishes such as lamb shashlik and mushroom spinach lasagna served with almond rice are on the menu, we recommend […]